GT parents meeting recap

September 30th

Facility notes:

·         Every Swimmer must use (his/her) GT-id upon entry to CRC facility.

·         Parents must exit the pool deck after bringing their swimmers down to the deck and remain in the stands until their swimmer is completed with (his/her) practices.  Once the swimmers are completed with practice parents will be let back down to pool deck to retrieve their swimmer’s.  (This process is under review and may be changed in the future).

·         Swimmers are allowed in the Competition / Leisure Pool and their respective locker rooms only.

Team notes:

·         New team website (

·         New team entry process (

·         Coaches on staff and groups coached.

1.       Doug Gjertsen (BRONZE-SENIOR I & II) 15th year on staff

2.       Sergiy Useinov ( SILVER-AAG-SENIOR I & II) 7th year on staff

3.       Mandi Bell ( Bronze-GOLD) 2nd year on staff

4.       Andrejs Duda ( GOLD) 2nd year on staff

5.       Scott Bobo ( BRONZE-GOLD-SENIOR I & II) 1st year on staff

·         TUITION checks are due by the 10th of each month.  Mail to Sugarloaf address or deliver them to the pool to your swimmers coach.

·         SUGARLOAF MAILING address:

§  4850 Sugarloaf Pkwy. Suite 702 Lawrencceville, GA 30044 (678)-442-7946

§  Emille Williams: Tuition accounts and Escrow ( meet fee accounts )

·         Weekly email updates sent to your email addresses, also posted on the GT location, SA website.

·         Regular Meet schedule and Developmental Meet schedule posted on website:

·         “AQUA-THON” is team’s voluntary fund raiser.  Held week of ( October 12th by groups)

§  AQUA-THON prize is two long-sleeve t-shirts (blue and red) for raising $40.

·         Parking on Tech Pkwy is open after 4pm, you do not need a parking pass.

·         Any questions, comments or concerns please contact Coach Doug via email or leave him a voice message (, 678-230-4248).

·         Practice schedule can change due to GT home football games and Men’s and Women’s Varsity Swimming meets.  Stay informed by reading the weekly updates.

·         No practice for all Groups ( Friday, October 23rd due to GT varsity swim meet vs. UF )



Groups audience: 
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