Sugarloaf Swim Team Evaluation Dates



Thank you for your interest in SwimAtlanta-Sugarloaf. We are currently registering swimmers for our new season that begins Monday, August 15th
In order to be placed on one of our practice groups, it is required that swimmers be evaluated by one of our coaches. The evaluation is free and there is no obligation; each swimmer who can demonstrate all four strokes and is at least six years old is placed on a practice group based upon age and skill level.
Evaluations require swimmers to swim one lap of each stroke and are held at SwimAtlanta off of Sugarloaf Parkway in the Publix Kid’s Village Shopping Center in between Cruse and Old Norcross roads (address listed below). The evaluation should take about thirty minutes or less, and afterwards it will provide you with the group your swimmer is placed on as well as an Introduction Packet to inform you about the SwimAtlanta program as well as how to register and start practice August 15th.
It is encouraged that you attend the short evaluation before our season begins August 15th please contact Scot Davis for times at Due to the coaches’ vacation time, please understand that families unable to be evaluated by August 1st will need to wait until after our season officially begins and attend one of the scheduled evaluations after the first week of practice.

Thanks again for your interest in SwimAtlanta-Sugarloaf, and we look forward to you being part of the SwimAtlanta family!


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