Swim School Policies

Class Registration & Program Explanation (1) Registration is conducted during office hours, with a SwimAtlanta employee, either in office or over the phone. (2) No refunds will be given on or after the first day of the session. (3) The DEADLINE for Session Changes, Cancellations, and/or Transfers is TWO DAYS {48 hours} prior to each Session's starting date. Any Changes, Cancellations and/or Transfers after this time will incur a penalty of $20.00, plus the charge of each class date that has already passed. (4) If a student is the SOLE REGISTRANT in a class, the same series of classes will be 30 minutes instead of 40 (Or a adjusted to 20 minutes for a 30 minute class). (5) Instructor requests are always welcomed, but never 100% guaranteed. (6) Students do not automatically move up to the next level after a session is completed. Classes are grouped into sessions to give the customer flexibility to alter their schedule on a month-to-month basis. Promotion to an advanced level is awarded once all the skills are mastered. It is customary for students to continue in a particular level for multiple sessions. All instructors teach using repetition; the applicable skills will be covered, each class, until all skills are mastered. All students learn at a different pace. (7) Instructors will give level assignments during the session for the next session. The assessments are accurate for two (2) months. (8) SwimAtlanta does not automatically re-register customers for additional sessions. This is the customer’s responsibility. (9) Classes are limted to a maximum of 6 swimmers (may be less for some levels at some locations.) Register early to guarantee your enrollment. (10) Once registration has started for a particular schedule/season, customers are encouraged to sign-up in advance for ALL preferred sessions. Doing this reserves placement. Feel free to consult with the office staff for help when estimating class progression. Level adjustments are allowed for any pre-registered students. (11) In the circumstance that a customer registers for a particular level and the instructor recommends a different level, it is the customer’s responsibility to review the schedule for the newly assigned class and make the necessary changes with the office staff. (12) Periodically, photos are taken for marketing purposes. Note on the registration form, each time, if you wish not to participate. (13) SwimAtlanta’s pools are grounded and do not close during lighting or thunderstorms. In the event of pool closing, such as snow, tornadoes or any other inclement weather, cancellation notices will be posted on our website. A credit will be applied to all families enrolled in any classes effected by the weather. Preparation for the First Day of Classes (1) All students must bring swimwear and a towel. Goggles are recommended for all levels excluding Infant/Toddler. (2) On the first day of the session, the instructors will call class rosters on the pool deck near the office door. Please see the office promptly if the student’s name is not called. (3) Skill knowledge and performance are evaluated on the first day to ensure all students are properly placed. If the instructor recommends or approves a different level, see the office staff to make the necessary modifications to your registration. (4) A parent or adult guardian is required to be in the water and participate during each Infant/Toddler class. (5) Non-potty trained children must wear a disposable swim diaper and a plastic/vinyl cover under their swimwear. SwimAtlanta Swim Shop’s sell the covers. Student & Parent Conduct (1) Students are not allowed to enter the pool before class or stay in the pool after dismissed. There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty. (2) Please notify the instructor of any relevant medical circumstances, learning disabilities, or water experiences BEFORE the first class begins. (3) SwimAtlanta strives to keep a safe, family-friendly environment. In the circumstance that management feels a person is endangering others, demonstrating inappropriate behavior, abusing the facility, or becoming aggressive toward the staff or other customers, that person will be asked to leave the facility and their registration will be terminated. (4) If a student defecates in the pool it is critical that the office staff be notified immediately. After the first occurrence, the student (regardless of age) is required to wear both a disposable swim diaper and a vinyl cover under their swimwear. Multiple incidents will result in dismissal from SwimAtlanta. (5) Children six (6) years and older must use the gender-appropriate restroom. (6) Parents should encourage their child to use the restroom before class and be available to take the child during class, if needed. (7) Parents are only permitted to observe the last five (5) minutes of class. This limits distractions. (8) Parents may leave the facility after they have placed their child under the direct supervision of their instructor, but must be back in the building 5 minutes before the class ending time. (9) Parents must be present to meet and pick up children when they are dismissed from class. (10) Management reserves the right to terminate registration at any point. In this event, an adjusted refund will be offered. Absences and Credits (1) If there is space available within the current Session, you can purchase a make-up class (check with your location for specific details). If there are no spaces available in the current Session, this option is not available and a make-up class cannot be accommodated. Make-up classes are never guaranteed. (2) Illness with Doctor's Excuse: When a Doctor's note is provided, a SwimAtlanta Credit will be issued into your SwimAtlanta account for use as payment toward your next registration. All Other Absences: SwimAtlanta ONLY excuses and credits absences due to illness with a provided Doctor's Note. No other absences will be compensated - exceptions cannot be made as we practice to be non-partial, consistent and fair to all customers. SwimAtlanta encourages you to attend all classes for which you registered. (3) Credits are configured by subtracting the fixed cost of the session from the total cost and dividing the remainder by the number of classes offered in that session. Standard sessions have a $20.00 fixed cost and mini-sessions have a $10.00 fixed cost. (4) Credits are applied into the Family account, and can be used toward the cost of any program offered by SwimAtlanta. (5) All credits have an expiration date of one (1) year. SwimAtlanta cannot hold class spaces until appropriate payment has been made. SwimAtlanta periodically takes pictures of our classes to display in our office or on our website. If you have a concern about your child’s picture being taken and displayed, please notify the office. SwimAtlanta does not sell or distribute these pictures — they are only for display.

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