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SwimAtlanta-Sugarloaf, Swim School: NOW Hiring Swim Instructors

SwimAtlanta, Sugarloaf - NOW HIRING part time Swim Instructors to start in early January.  Click here for application OR contact Lindsay Collins at lindsay@swimatlanta.com

SwimAtlanta, Sugarloaf Office/Shop Christmas Hours

Click here for Sugarloaf Office/Shop Christmas Schedule. Lap Swim Not Available.

SwimAtlanta-Sugarloaf, SWIM TEAM

SwimAtlanta-Sugarloaf, SWIM TEAM: Click Here for Christmas Practice schedule.  Begins on Monday, December 22.

Now Accepting Technical Suit Orders!!

As the Senior Championship Swim Meet in December approaches the SwimAtlanta Swim Shops are opening orders for Technical Suits!  We offer our swimmers the TYR Tracer B series (men & woman) and the TYR AP12 (men only) at the lowest price that can be found anywhere with a savings of  close to 40%!!!  Please click here for details on the suits and how to order.

SwimAtlanta - Sugarloaf Holiday Clinics with Coach Debbie!!

SwimAtlanta - Sugarloaf Holiday Clinics with Coach Debbie!! These clinics are perfect for beginner competitive swimmers and summer league swimmers who need to brush up or work on their competitive swimming skills!!  Click Here for more info. 

Your Chance To Order An All-Star Towel

GA Swimming has put together their All-Star list for swimmers earning their GA Swimming All-Star Towel.  The swimmers earning this towel achieved a "AAA" time standard during the 2013 Short Course and Long Course Seasons, and GA Swimming is honoring them.

Please find the list of names here for those earning the towel; swimmers are listed in alphabetical order and the list also includes the time standard achieved, preferred name (only if applicable), and SwimAtlanta location. 



As October approaches, it’s already time to start preparing for this year’s Aqua-Thon! SwimAtlanta has been the world’s best in the past thirty plus years in raising money for Aqua-Thon. These funds give every family the opportunity to raise money in order to pay for their meet entry fees and team travel expenses. Our goal again this year is $1.00 per length per swimmer. For example, if a swimmer recruits 10 family/friends to pledge $.10 cents per length then they have met their goal of earning $1.00 per length.

Updated Long Course Top 10 Records

Please find the updated Long Course Top 10 Records here.  If you notice any accidental omissions or necessary changes, please contact your child's coach, so we can get the records as accurate as possible.

Interested in viewing the most current Short Course Top 10 Records? Click here.

Cobb Swim Team Tryouts

COBB - To setup a swim team tryout, please contact Rick Vogler at 404-429-4452 or rick@swimatlanta.com.


Sugarloaf Swim Team Evaluation Dates

In order to be placed on one of our practice groups, it is required that swimmers be evaluated by one of our coaches.  The evaluation is free and there is no obligation; each swimmer who can demonstrate all four strokes and is at least six years old is placed on a practice group based upon age and skill level.

For your convenience, we have scheduled the following dates and times for swim team evaluations, and you can choose to attend the best day for you:

Monday, June 16th and Wednesday, June 18th at 5pm


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