Your Chance To Order All-Star Towel

GA Swimming has put together their All-Star list for swimmers earning their GA Swimming All-Star Towel. The swimmers earning this towel achieved a "AAA" time standard during the 2013 Short Course and Long Course Seasons, and GA Swimming is honoring them.

In addition to these families being personally emailed, please find the list of names here for those earning the towel; swimmers are listed in alphabetical order and the list also includes the time standard achieved, preferred name (only if applicable), and SwimAtlanta location.

We must submit an order and final list to GA Swimming in a couple week, so if you want to order the towel for your swimmer, please email no later than TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH. Please act quickly and let us know if you want to order the towel for your swimmer. If we do not hear from you, no towel will be ordered and no further action is needed by you.


1.  COST - All-Star towel is $35.  Payment is made to Amateur Swimming Foundation, Inc., and you can either submit payment at this time or wait to receive an invoice mailed in December.  Either way, all that is required by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH is you letting us know by replying to the email you were sent that you would like to purchase the All-Star towel.

2.  NAME - All towels are monogrammed with the swimmer's first and last name only.  We have gone through GA Swimming's list and did our best to add preferred names for swimmers who use one, but if one listed is incorrect or you want one added, please inform us of that when you place your order.

3. STANDARD - If your swimmer attended Juniors, Nationals, World Trials, US Open, Zone Team, or is a Scholastic All-American, please let us know so that can be added to the towel.  A towel can only list one of the above achievements and a swimmer must have attended the meet and not just achieved the time standard to have that added to their towel.

5.  PICK-UP/DELIVERY - GA Swimming will hold the All-Star Banquet on Sunday, April 6th, 2014.  Towels are available at that time for swimmers attending the banquet.  For those not attending the banquet, All-Star towels will be picked up by the coaches at your location and taken to the pool, which is why your child's location is listed on the attached file.  Towels are not mailed to families.

4. DEADLINE - If we do not receive your order by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH, a towel will not be ordered for your swimmer.

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