2013 Aqua-Thon Information

As October approaches, it’s already time to start preparing for this year’s Aqua-Thon! SwimAtlanta has been the world’s best in the past thirty years in raising money for Aqua-Thon. These funds give every family the opportunity to raise money in order to pay for their meet entry fees and team travel expenses. Our goal again this year is $1.00 per length per swimmer. For example, if a swimmer recruits 10 family/friends to pledge $.10 cents per length then they have met their goal of earning $1.00 per length.

We are excited to announce that this year’s Aqua-Thon prize is a blue sweat shirt (your choice of hooded or crew neck styles) with “SwimAtlanta” monogrammed in red and outlined in white.

Here is how it works:

1. Swimmers will obtain as many pledges as possible (some at $.20 per length, some at $.10, some at $.05…etc.). Prior to the Aqua-Thon, swimmers should solicit parents, relatives (here and away), neighbors, friends, work associates, and door-to-door in all neighborhoods possible.

  • Be sure to total the pledge and let everyone know how much their pledge could cost them. A pledge sheet is available here for your convenience.

2. Each SwimAtlanta swimmer will swim as many lengths as possible in two hours on the day of the Aqua-Thon. Laps will be counted and recorded by a counter recruited by each swimmer.

  • A lap counter sheet is available here for your convenience.

3. After the Aqua-Thon, pledges will be collected based on the actual number of lengths the swimmer swims or maximum of 200 lengths.

SwimAtlanta needs full support on this project from all swimmers, and all swimmers need full parental support to achieve our goal of a dollar a length per swimmer.


September 23rd - October 21st - Swimmers will be soliciting pledges.

October 22nd -26th - Aqua-Thon days to be determined by coaches. The exact date will be chosen by the coaches at your location and once a date is determined, it will be announced to your swimmer.

November 22nd - Close out of Aqua-Thon. All money is due at this time.

NOTE: This year’s Aqua-Thon prize is a blue sweat shirt (your choice of hooded or crew neck styles) with “SwimAtlanta” monogrammed in red and outlined in white. Youth and adult sizes are available and picture is here.  The cost of the prize is $45.

FOR EXAMPLE: A swimmer who collects $65 and orders a sweatshirt will automatically have $20.00 put in his or her individual entry fee and travel account as well as receive the sweat shirt. In other words, all monies collected above the prize amount ($45.00) belongs to the swimmer.

IMPORTANT: All money collected should be turned in after you have received your total pledge money; this will assist the account manager by not turning in partial collections. Submit all donations via cash or checks made payable to Amateur Swimming Foundation, Inc. in an envelope with your swimmer’s name, practice group, and sweat shirt size (youth small, youth medium, youth large, adult small, adult medium, adult large, adult x-large). Please be sure the swimmer’s name is on the checks to assure proper credit in the event checks become separated. Complying with the above will assist in crediting your account properly and issuing sweat shirts in a timely fashion.

REMEMBER: This is your opportunity to raise money to pay for some, and possibly all, of your meet entries and team travel expenses. When you are ready to turn in your money, you should submit it to your SwimAtlanta training location.

Should you have any questions regarding the Aqua-Thon fundraiser, prize, dates, etc., please contact your swimmer's coach.

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