Swim Team - April Tuition and Spring Break

Important Reminder about April Dues

With April and Spring Break quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to explain a frequently asked question regarding the monthly dues for April and the way tuition payments are configured.

At SwimAtlanta, monthly payment is due for each swimmer who attends practices during that month.  The monthly payment for each practice group is based upon the total amount of practice time during the season.  In addition, the total practice time for each team is added up for the entire season (all practices for August through July) and divided by monthly payments for your convenience.  With that and in figuring the price for monthly dues, we take in consideration Christmas, New Year's, Spring Break, and the beginning of the school year break.

As a result, monthly tuition for April is due in full although a short break is taken due to Spring Break and for the coaches to have a vacation. 

That said, if it is not financially feasible for your family, we do offer the flexibility to take the entire month off of swimming and not be charged.  If at anytime you choose to discontinue swimming with us, you will want to contact us (swimteamaccounts@swimatlanta.com or 678-442-7946) at least three business days prior to the month beginning, so you swimmer can be inactivated and monthly dues not charged for the following month.

For more information about the specific dates of Spring Break when practices won't be held at your training location, please talk with your child's coach.

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