Sugarloaf Parking and Swimmer Pick-up

With the recent time change and colder weather upon us, we are experiencing difficulty with swimmers waiting in the entrance corridor for rides as well as parents parking and waiting for their swimmers in front of the entrance rather than parking. 

We understand swimmers do not have many places to wait to be picked up, but we also have customers with stollers and small children who also need to enter and exit the building with ease.  In addition, information pertaining to our upcoming events is available in the corridor and when swimmers are socializing in that concentrated area, it makes it difficult for that information to be distributed.

Although we understand the convenience of driving by the entrance and stopping until your swimmer sees you, unfortunately, it is not a safe practice for cars to be parked and/or waiting for swimmers to come out when other cars are having to drive around stopped cars.  To put it midly, this is an accident waiting to happen and is dangerous and not a risk we are willing to take with the large number of children we serve.

Picking swimmers up on time immediately after practice concludes as well as not parking in front of the building waiting for your swimmers when parking is available will help us keep all our customers safe.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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